Conversation Classes – Speak German with confidence!

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Do you have difficulties speaking German?

Are you tired of teachers telling you how to talk, instead of giving you time to practice speaking?

Are you looking for an interesting and dynamic way to improve your German?

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Our conversation classes follow the 75% / 75% rule:

  • At least 75 % of lesson time is conversation*
  • At least 75 % of the conversation time is you speaking**
  • * Lessons also include homework correction and answering your questions.
  • ** Conversations follow a natural flow with the teacher giving you the spotlight.

My goals for you:

  • Enabling you to do all things important using German.
  • Giving you confidence when speaking in German.
  • Offering you enjoyable lessons in German language.


Don’t wait any longer and give it a try.

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** Lessons = 45 mins


2 reviews for Conversation Classes – Speak German with confidence!

  1. Ron

    magicGerman is a great website for learning German. The content is high quality and the activities are always fun. The website is well organized and easy to navigate. Britta is an excellent teacher and I always enjoy my lessons.

  2. Andra

    I have been taking weekly German classes with Britta for more than 8 months now. Britta knows exactly how to keep my motivation up. The atmosphere is at all times friendly, yet professional. Britta is constantly flexible to adjust the sessions, as I am preparing myself for the C1 Goethe Exam. Since taking the classes with Britta, my German speaking friends have soon observed a higher ease when I interact with them. Additionally through the work with Britta, I can express my opinion much easier in writing than before, while being able to write complex essays about almost any topic.
    Dear Britta, many thanks for your kind support and I am very much looking forward to our next classes together! Andra

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