Business German – For your Career and Future

Do you want to work or study in Germany?

Do you need to learn specific business vocabulary?

Do you need to know more about German business culture and etiquette?

Do you need help with an application or to prepare for a job interview?

Research shows, that you will get the best results when learning from a trained and experienced German business professional. For example, an individual with academic knowledge and practical experience in Economics, HR, Company organisation and IT.


Britta Friedrich - Business German -

Britta Friedrich

1990 – Diploma as an office executive

2002 – 4-year degree in Business Administration with a focus on HR management, company organisation and IT.

2002 – 2008  Business Analyst

2009 – Present, Job consultant

2017 – Present, Communication Coach for German as Foreign Language

What you can learn in this course:

  • Professional up-to-date resume / CV
  • Job interview preparation
  • Vocabulary for office and administration
  • Communication on the phone
  • Professional email and business letter writing
  • German in sales and service
  • Bookkeeping in German
  • German for project management
  • Vocabulary for negotiations
  • German for HR
  • Cost controlling in German
  • Typical German contract phases
  • Etc.

Do you need help in any of these fields?

What Students Say

Not your ordinary language teacher

Yoni Z.

As a foreign student and an immigrant, I came across many different language teachers and professional assistants. Some were good and some were great, but none was like Britta. Not only is she a top notch German language specialist, with vast knowledge and years of experience, but she is also a qualified and experienced job market expert, who can help you with your professional as well as private life in… Read more “Not your ordinary language teacher”

IT Help Desk Coordinator - GERMANY

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