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Top Reasons Why You Should Study in Germany

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Zero Tuition Fees   
Higher education in Germany is a state-funded project which makes it literally free for both local and international students.

Top Ranked Institutions
German universities enjoy global recognition thanks to their reputation when it comes to excellence in teaching and research.

Internationally Recognized Degrees
The Bologna reform now ensures that all students receive an internationally recognized degree.*

Work Opportunities for International Students
In German, international students are allowed to work part-time for up to 20 hours per week which translates into 120 days per year.

Launch A Global Career
Germany is at the center of the European economy. In addition to studying here, it is a great place to launch an international career.

* This applies to all academic disciplines except law, medicine, and pharmacy.

German Universities


426 universities & colleges

offer 20,359 programs

incl. 9,168 bachelor programs

for 2,948,695 students

(fall 2020/2021)

World Class

According to

"The World University Rankings"

8% of the top 100

universities are in Germany!


Many programs include internships and collaborate with

world renowned companies.

This will benefit your career start like nothing else.

Tuition Free

Most universities

do not charge
tuition fees

for bachelor’s programs and many not even for master’s.

The administration fee is 100 - 250 € / semester.
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