Kick your German into gear and see how quickly your conversations improve with regular practice! Become a member of our academy today!

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner on the rise or already proficient in dealing with the difficulties of the German languag e, at the Akademie you will find an environment where you can challenge yourself and improve your German.

How have you learned German so far?

Alone, with books, online courses, YouTube videos, or podcasts? Or did you take courses that mainly dealt with grammar? Maybe you also had private lessons every now and then. However, what most students lack is speaking the German language on a regular basis.

Putting an opinion about a topic into words, expressing approval or disagreement, exchanging ideas about interesting subjects – that’s why humans invented languages. Sadly, this is also exactly what is not practiced often enough when learning a language. Why? Because most students do not have enough opportunities to speak the German language.

The Akademie exists so that you have a place where you can speak German in a friendly environment without fear or inhibitions. This will greatly improve both your language skills and your self-confidence.

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What exactly does the academy offer?

We have the following events planned for the coming months:

  • Plauderecke: We will talk about everyday life and cultural topics. Everything will be relatively easy and suitable for people on the A2 level. Here you will be able to have your first conversations and gain self-confidence in speaking German.
  • Diskussionsrunde: We will discuss various topics like culture, history, economics, and politics. These conversations will be similar to discussions you may have with your friends. This is for students on an upper B1 level.
  • Debattenforum: We will deal with difficult topics including business, politics, and science. Please join us if you are almost finished with level B2.

In time, we will offer additional formats and events, such as presentation exercises, book and film discussions, a cultural club, a cooking class, and much more.

What else do you offer?

  • Lesson aids to prepare for the discussions
  • A forum where members can ask questions, get answers, and exchange ideas
  • Challenges and focus groups
  • A place to look for learning buddies
  • Events on proverbs and idioms
  • More is coming soon.

Coming Soon!


7 days

€ 9

 up to 3 events




30 days

€ 39.00


save € 12.00

up to 13 events

- 30%



90+ days

€ 117


save € 47.00

up to 39 events

- 40 %




365 days

€ 468


save € 234.00

up to 156 events

- 50 %