Speak German & Have Fun!

Many Reason To Join Our Online Live Events

Sprachakademie - magicGerman

Opportunity to speak German

Instead of just learning
vocabulary and grammar!
Sprachakademie - magicGerman

Safe environment

Everyone in the group
is in the same situation.
No judgement.
Sprachakademie - magicGerman

Learning material included

It is not just chatting.
It is learning by speaking
the language!
Sprachakademie - magicGerman

Learn to speak about things that matter!

For the events, we choose topics that are important: Whether it is something happening right now or an ongoing discussion, you learn to talk about things that are important to you.

Plus, you’ll hear a lot about other cultures and people’s point of view from your classmates, which is interesting and so much fun.

In addition, you will come across new phrases and vocabulary all the time, and the learning never ends.

Our weekly events:

Explore our events but don’t forget – we have more to offer:

  • Lesson aids to prepare for the discussions
  • forum where members can ask questions, get answers, and exchange ideas
  • Challenges and focus groups
  • A place to look for learning buddies
  • Events on proverbs and idioms
  • More is coming soon.
Sprachakademie - magicGerman

How do the meetings work?


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Washington, D.C. - USA

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Inna Vebb
Czech Republic

Frequently Asked Questions

As a member of the Sprachakademie, you can download the lesson aide as a PDF and use it at any time. The learning material is available in the forum under the section “Veranstaltugen – Termine und Arbeitsmaterialien”.

No, the Sprachakademie is a place where you can practise your German under the guidance and supervision of an experienced communication coach.

For the events (meetings), we use the free video conferencing software, Zoom. You can access the meeting on mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. For a stable connection, we advise having an internet connection of at least 1Mbit – both to upload and to download.

The learning material is provided as PDFs, and you need an (free) PDF reader to open the files.

No, you do not have to worry about renewal dates. You will buy your membership for a fixed term. However, we offer discounts of long-term memberships.

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Any Questions Left?

We are happy to help!