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The School System in Germany At first glance, the school system in Germany seems difficult and some may even think it is unfair. But you should take a closer look before making up your mind. Let’s start with two remarks: First, schooling is compulsory in Germany. This means that every child has to go to …

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Einschulung - Learn German at magicGerman


Einschulung: School Enrollment and First Day at School The German school system differs from the school systems in most countries. I already wrote another article about this topic, but today I want to talk about a special event in the life of every student: die Einschulung – school enrollment and the first day at school. …

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Sprachakademie -


Sprachakademie Dear students, I am super excited to tell you about a new project of mine:  The Sprachakademie! To be honest, I borrowed the idea from a friend. Sarah Henderson-Sharon is an English teacher specialized in working with people who have speaking and exam anxiety. Some time ago, she started a “Speaking Club” that is …

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Learning phases and rest phases - - Tips for Learning

Rest breaks

“Learn in your sleep.” Have you ever heard of this saying? Of course, you can’t learn a language in your sleep, but many people believe they are better able to remember things they have read or learned in the evening right before they go to sleep. This is because the brain needs periods of rest to be able to process what it has learned. Nighttime is, of course, optimal for this, but it also works well for periods of rest during the day. Here are some tips on how you can organize your learning as well as some hints on what doesn’t work so well.

Getreide - - German Vocabulary

Grain types

There are different types of crops with many different subspecies. Mostly, the names of the grain are not part of the basic vocabulary, but they are used on a daily basis – at least in Germany, the country of delicious bread. So let’s take a closer look at the different types of grain today.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Neglect Pronunciation

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Neglect Pronunciation

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Neglect Pronunciation Learning a new language could help you in many ways, but learning a language is easier said than done. And where to start: Vocabulary, grammar, practice or pronunciation? While everything needs to be a part of your learning process, there are good reasons why you should …

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